Latest Virgin Snorkeling Trip: Testing The H2O Ninja Full Face Snorkel Mask

at a secret location near the virgin islandsThe H20 Ninja Mask is not your typical snorkeling mask. If you enjoy snorkeling and you want to take things to the next level so you can experience it differently, then you may want to get the H20 Ninja Mask. Below we will discuss the mask’s benefits, features, how it works and what editions it is available it.

1. How We Got Started

One of the best things about the mask is you can breathe underwater with both your mouth and nose. You can’t do this with a traditional mask. As soon as you put your head under water, you will be shocked at being able to breathe in through your nose.

Another benefit of using the mask is you won’t have to place a mouthpiece into your mouth. Perhaps the best thing about it is your view angle will increase up to 180 degrees, so you will get to see so much more when you’re looking around. Not only that but when you compare it to a traditional snorkeling mask, fogging isn’t that bad.

full face snorkeling mask H2O ninja

You don’t have to worry about water getting into the mask via the snorkel. This is because it’s equipped with dry top technology. Water will be prevented from entering your mask, which means more time snorkeling and not have to stop every so often to empty water out of your mask. If water does happen to seep into your mask, then don’t stress too much because the mask has safety valves built into it.

Many people who have used the mask have said they experienced a 50% increase in snorkeling time. That’s compared to using a regular mask for snorkeling. If you get this mask, you can expect to spend far more time underwater than you would if you were using a regular mask.

As for how deep you can go, it’s recommended to not go to depths of over 10 feet. You should be able to snorkel at depths below 10 feet comfortably. The reason why over 10 feet isn’t recommended is that the mask doesn’t have anything built into it that can equalize water pressure.

2. How It Works

The mask has been designed in a way that allows you to breathe naturally, and before you go under water, you will take a deep breath. Once the snorkel is above the water surface, you can breathe normally. When the mask is completely submerged, water shouldn’t seep into it because of the dry top technology. However, the H20 Ninja Mask was not designed for spearfishing or free diving, so don’t use it for those.

Also, the mask doesn’t retain air. It is equipped with an air transport system. As previously mentioned, it’s fitted with a dry top system, and it activates once the mask becomes submerged.

3. Editions

One of the turtles we saw

There are three versions of the H20 Ninja Mask, with one being a regular one that sells for around $145, and then there’s a kid’s edition, which sells for around $99. There is also a GoPro model, which sells for around $120. If you have kids and want them to experience the fun of snorkeling, then you should get them an H20 Ninja Mask, and you should get the GoPro edition if you want to use a GoPro camera with it.

Do you want to have even more fun snorkeling? If so, then the H20 Ninja Mask is worth buying. It is worth every dollar, so buy it today and find out why it may be the best snorkeling mask out there today.