Why You Should Use Swim Fins

swimming with fins

Swim fins or flippers are a training tool that many swimmers consider using. If you are new to swim fins, you might be wondering why people are using them and if you should as well. There are many reasons why you should use swim fins and understanding this can help you make the decision that you need to.

Ease The Pounding On The Shoulders

Your shoulders are important when you are swimming, and there are times when they need to rest. If you are suffering from a shoulder injury or want to ease into your workout, you should strap on your swim fins. Using swim fins removes the load that is placed on the shoulders and puts it on the hips and the legs.

Increases The Strength And Endurance In The Legsswimmer kicking without fins

While your shoulders are important swim training, your legs are just as important because they are used to propel you through the water. Any swimmer knows that you need to spend time training your legs to ensure that they have the strength and endurance to meet your swimming needs. Swim fins help with this as they work as a resistance tool. You use your muscles a lot more when swimming with fins vs without. When using fins and maintaining your standard kicking speed, your legs will be forced to work harder, and this will increase their strength and stamina.

Some swimmers do not kick their legs enough when they are swimming and use their upper body to move through the water. Swim fins can help you overcome this issue because if you wear fins and do not kick, you will start to sink. The fins add weight to the feet which makes it easier for them to drag you down if you are not actively kicking.

Easier To Work On Up-kick

A lot of swimmers are told that they need to work on their up-kick, but this is often easier said than done. Everyone is more accustomed to kicking downwards because this is a natural way that we kick. However, you need to have a good kick for specific swim strokes, particularly those that require dolphin kicks.

Swim fins can help you work on your kick because they allow you to feel it more. As fins have more surface area than feet, you can feel the movement of the water better during your up-kick. When training with swim fins on, you should include some vertical kicking because this will help you in the long-run.

Improving Ankle Flexibility

Many people overlook the importance of ankle flexibility when it comes to swimming. When you have low motion ranges, you will be kicking water downward instead of backward, and this will affect your propulsion. Poor ankle flexibility will impact your kicks, and this is a problem that new swimmers and triathletes often face.

When you are wearing swim fins, you will be able to see the range of movement that you have in your ankle. The larger surface area pushes the ankle to extend further than usual. The fins will also place your feet in a position where your ankles need to be extended, or they will not work. This extension will increase your ankle flexibility in time.

There are many reasons why you should look at using swim fins when you train. These tools can help to increase your strength, durability and the extension of your ankle. They also help you work on certain aspects of your kick to ensure that you get the propulsion that you need. There is also the simple fact that they are fun to use which should not be overlooked.

Experience The Joys Of Snorkeling By Choosing The Right Equipment

3d cartoon man showing all the gear for snorkelingSnorkeling has to be one of those simple pleasures in life that are simply priceless. A great snorkeling trip can transform a mediocre holiday into an epic adventure. In fact, snorkeling is an inexpensive, educational and fun experience for the whole family. Dependent on where you have the chance to snorkel, you may have the opportunity to admire an abundance of beautiful fish, stunning coral and a host of sea creatures.

Indeed, just below the surface exists an entirely different world. The moment you dip your face downwards, it seems like you have been shown a secret entry into a peaceful, enchanting and inspiring world.

Of course, to experience the joys of snorkeling as we have described above, there is one crucial matter we should mention; you need to choose the right equipment. That’s right, what was meant to be an adventurous, inspiring and relaxing experience, can become a salty, blurry and miserable nightmare if you have the wrong gear!

Would you like us to lend you a helping hand in choosing the best snorkeling equipment for your next adventure to the wonderful world below the surface? No problem, we would be delighted to help you!

Snorkel and Mask are the most important

Choosing The Mask

Your mask is like your personal window to the underwater world. No one likes windows that leak, so you certainly don’t want your mask to be one of those windows! When choosing the mask to look out for the following factors:

The mask should:

– feel comfortable around your face.

– provide you with excellent vision.

– have a seal that snugly fits around your face.

– Feel like it has been custom made for your face.

As well as the above factors, give thought to you as a person and any specific needs you have. For example, if you wear glasses or contact lenses you need to ensure that the mask you have in mind is compatible.

full face snorkel masks from the side

When choosing the mask try to remember that in general, you get what you paid for. A cheap mask is unlikely to meet all of the factors we outlined above. On the other hand, when you are willing to pay out a little more for a mask, you will get softer silicone and better glass.

If you like to keep your face dry you should try one of the new full face masks. These provide a wide field of view and excellent comfort for easy snorkeling. Find out more in this full face snorkel mask review on Snorkeling HQ. You can also contact them on twitter.

Choosing The Snorkel

Snorkels tend to fit into one of three categories:

– simple tubes
– lower purge valves
– dry top snorkels.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these choices.

The Simple Tube
Professional divers tend to choose these. If you want a simple tube, you will need to take a little time to develop airway control since water can enter the snorkel.

The Lower Purge Valve
This choice will stop salty water from entering your mouth. Water that entered through the top of the snorkel gets pushed out with every breath.

The Dry Top Snorkel
This choice has a float at the top that will stop water from entering when you go under.

Coral with turtle underneath

It’s clear that when it comes to choosing the right snorkeling equipment, a little time and effort need to be invested in the decision-making process. However, once you understand the various type of masks and snorkels, as well as how each price bracket affects the quality of the equipment, you should be well on your way to choosing equipment that will allow you to experience the joys of snorkeling!

Diving or Snorkeling?

This is a question that I often find myself struggling with. I mean, I love diving! But it takes a lot of work and equipment to get going. When I have a couple of hours of in the afternoon, I want to make the most of it.

If I go diving, I need to rent some stuff and get a buddy. On top of that, it usually takes a small boat ride to get to the good diving spots around here.

Going snorkeling would only take 15 minutes. I get on the scooter with my fins and mask. Burn some rubber and dodge some cars, on these crazy roads, to get to one of the nice spots. There I only need to take of my shirt and put the fins and mask on. That’s it, I am in the water and watching fishes.

So, even though diving is technically more awesome, I find myself doing more snorkeling and freediving.

Let my know if you ever run into this issue, and how it turn out for you!