Diving or Snorkeling?

This is a question that I often find myself struggling with. I mean, I love diving! But it takes a lot of work and equipment to get going. When I have a couple of hours of in the afternoon, I want to make the most of it.

If I go diving, I need to rent some stuff and get a buddy. On top of that, it usually takes a small boat ride to get to the good diving spots around here.

Going snorkeling would only take 15 minutes. I get on the scooter with my fins and mask. Burn some rubber and dodge some cars, on these crazy roads, to get to one of the nice spots. There I only need to take of my shirt and put the fins and mask on. That’s it, I am in the water and watching fishes.

So, even though diving is technically more awesome, I find myself doing more snorkeling and freediving.

Let my know if you ever run into this issue, and how it turn out for you!